Xiaodong Yu
Graduate Student - Alumni
Graduate Research Assistant (Advisor(s): Dr. David Doermann)
Homepage: http://
Recent Publications

Guangyu Zhu, Xiaodong Yu, Yi Li and David Doermann. "Unconstrained Language Identification Using A Shape Codebook." The 11th International Conference on Frontiers in Handwritting Recognition (ICFHR 2008), pp. 13-18, Montreal, Canada, 2008. (BibTex) (Abstract) (PDF)

Guangyu Zhu, Xiaodong Yu, Yi Li and David Doermann. "Learning Visual Shape Lexicon for Document Image Content Recognition." The 10th European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV 2008), pp. 745-758, Marseille, France, 2008. (BibTex) (Abstract) (PDF)

Xiaodong Yu, Yi Li, Cornelia Fermuller and David Doermann. "Object Detection Using Shape Codebook." British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC'07)BMVC07, December 2007. (BibTex) (Abstract) (PDF)

Ming Luo, Daniel DeMenthon, Xiaodong Yu and David Doermann. "SOFTCBIR: Object Searching in Videos Combining Keypoint Matching and Graduated Assignment." Technical Report: LAMP-TR-132/CAR-TR-1013/CS-TR-4804/UMIACS-TR-2006-25, University of Maryland, College Park, May 2006. (BibTex) (Abstract) (PDF)

Yang Yu and D. Doermann. "Model of Object-Based Coding for Surveillance Video." Proceedings in the ICASSP'04 IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision, pp. 693-696, March 2005. (BibTex) (PDF)

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