Projects at LAMP
Past Projects
BRIDGE: Processing Bilingual Dictionaries
Huanfeng Ma, Burcu Karagol-Ayan, David Doermann
Camera Based Document Image Analysis
Jian Liang, Daniel DeMenthon, David Doermann, Qixiang Ye
Compressed Domain Document Image analysis
Azriel Rosenfeld, Omid Kia, Rama Chellappa, David Doermann
Document Image Classification
Azriel Rosenfeld, David Doermann
Document Image Retreival
Jaakko Sauvola, Azriel Rosenfeld, David Doermann
Duplicate Document Image Detection
Omid Kia, Huiping Li, David Doermann
Enhancement of Text in Video
Christian Wolf, Huiping Li, Omid Kia, David Doermann
Extraction of Text from Video
Huiping Li, Omid Kia, David Doermann
Functional Document Description
Azriel Rosenfeld, Ehud Rivlin, David Doermann
Hindi OCR
Huanfeng Ma, David Doermann
Machine Printed Text and Handwriting Identification in Noisy Document Images
Huiping Li, David Doermann
Media Adaptation
Antti Koivisto, P. Pietikinen, Jaakko Sauvola, David Doermann
Mosaicing of MPEG Videos
Ryan Jones, Daniel DeMenthon, David Doermann
Multi Classifier Combination
Huanfeng Ma, David Doermann, Hee-Joong Kang, Stefan Jaeger
Page Decomposition and Structural Analysis
Recognition of People in Low Quality Video
David Doermann
Signature Verification and Forgery Detection
Jinhong (Katherine) Guo, Azriel Rosenfeld, David Doermann, Xianzhi Du
Text Detection and Tracking in Digital Videos
Omid Kia, Huiping Li, David Doermann
Video Classification
Daniel DeMenthon, David Doermann, Vikrant Kobla, Xavier Gibert-Serra
Video Content Visualization
Vikrant Kobla, David Doermann
Video Duplicate Detecton
David Doermann, Daniel DeMenthon
Video Segmentation
Azriel Rosenfeld, David Doermann, Vikrant Kobla

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