Projects at LAMP
Current and Recent Projects

Bengali Information Retrieval
Doug Oard, Utpal Garain, David Doermann
DOCLIB - A C++ Library for Document Processing
Guangyu Zhu, Stefan Jaeger, David Doermann
DOCLIB Sample Driver
Orri Ganel
Document Image Enhancement
David Doermann, Jayant Kumar, Mudit Agrawal, Wael Abd-Almageed
HOSA: Blind Image Quality Assessment based on High Order Statistics Aggregation
Jingtao Xu, Peng Ye, David Doermann
Information Retrieval from Indic Script OCRed Text
David Doermann, Utpal Garain
Language and Script Identification
Guangyu Zhu, Xiaodong Yu, Huanfeng Ma, Yi Li, Stefan Jaeger, David Doermann
MADCAT: Multilingual Automatic Document Classification Analysis and Translation
Jayant Kumar, David Doermann, Mudit Agrawal, Le Kang, Wael Abd-Almageed
Map Analysis and Recognition Interface Application
David Doermann, Rajat Ahuja
Mosaicing from Camera Phones Images
Xu Liu, Jian Liang, David Doermann, Daniel DeMenthon
No-Reference Image Quality Assessment
Peng Ye, Le Kang, Jingtao Xu, Jayant Kumar, David Doermann
Page Segmentation
David Doermann, Mudit Agrawal
Rule Line Detection and Removal
Huiping Li, David Doermann, Yefeng Zheng
Signature Logo and Stamp Detection and Recognition
Guangyu Zhu, Stefan Jaeger, David Doermann, Xianzhi Du
Vision on Mobile Devices
Xu Liu, David Doermann, Huiping Li
Zone classification
Wontaek Seo, David Doermann, Oleg Okun, Mudit Agrawal, Wael Abd-Almageed
Past Projects

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